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Pikotek and PSI Piping Flange Isolation Kits from GPT

Flange Isolation Kits are designed to work in conjunction with our isolating gaskets to effect the complete electrical isolation of a flanged...

GPT engineers and manufactures a range of high quality sealing and isolating products used to ensure the safe flow of fluids in transmission,...

Casing Spacers - Metallic and Non-Metallic for Pipe Protection

Non-Metallic solutions for inserting carrier pipes, conduits, and cables into casings.

Wall Piping Penetration Seals - Modular Seals

Long-lasting, pressure-tight seal for water, gas, and sewer pipes of any size.

Hole-forming products, including sleeves, wall collar products, and hole-forming disks.

Eliminates foreign materials from entering the openings space between carrier and casing.

Designed for corrosion and sealing protection of pipelines, manholes, and vaults.