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Pipeline IsolationEPC Contractors

The Leading Manufacturer

GPT, a division of EnPro Industries, is the world’s leading manufacturer of critical pipeline sealing
and electrical isolation products. With a focus on safety, performance and reliability, we employ advanced engineering and manufacturing processes to meet the challenging demands of the oil and gas, water/wastewater, and construction and infrastructure industries.

With a global production, distribution and support network, we are positioned to meet our customers’ needs with unprecedented responsiveness and expertise.

Culture of Safety

Safety is the foundational objective of everything we do at GPT.
We've been selected by EH&S magazine three times as "The Safest Company in America". The only company ever to have done so.

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Quality and Compliance

Quality and compliance are a top priority for EPC applications. Compliance with international regulatory standards are essential for risk management, and employing durable, high-performance and precisely engineered solutions is imperative to meeting these standards and preventing contamination.

GPT assists in this critically important task with sealing and corrosion prevention products that conform to the highest international regulatory standards, including:


EN – 13555 (Leakage Test) *

ISO 9001: 2015


Material Test Certifications EN 10204 Type 2.2, 3.1


NACE MR 0175 API 1104

SHELL T – 2.973.758

ABS Certificate of Product Design of Assessment

Made In America

ASME B16.5 Working Pressure Conformance

ARRA Certificate

ASME B31.1, B31.3

Lloyds Pressure Certificate *

ASME Section V

Chevron Fugitive Emissions


ARAMCO 9COM Approval (FIK)

TA LUFT (VDI 2200)

ISO – 15848


ASTM D149*



* Fees apply for nonstandard certifications

Applications Engineering,
Global Support, Training and Analysis

GPT stands behind its sealing and corrosion prevention solutions with an expert team of applications engineers and laboratory professionals to provide comprehensive global support for your sealing and cathodic protection needs.
From field training to on-site inspection and laboratory conformity analysis, we have the resources and personnel to ensure you stay safe, on schedule and within budget.

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Our support, testing and training services include:

Technical sales support

Hydrotest * (Extended Hydro may incur fee)

Custom designed products

Holiday test *

Solutions engineering

Coating thickness test *

Product specification support

Dimensional test

On-site and virtual training *

Xray test *

Field support *

Dye penetrant test

Product analysis reports

Destructive testing *

Lab and testing facilities to accommodate customer requirements *

OES and XRF PMI Chemical Testing*

Elastomer rheology & viscosity

Intergranular Corrosion Testing *

DIN 3535 leakage test *

Tensile & Yield Testing*

High-pressure/High-speed rotary

Cyclic Corrosion Testing*

Advanced seal tester variable load & temp

High pressure/high temperature leakage tests

UltraSonic phased array test

Scratch Testing *

Magnetic particle test

Adhesion Testing*

Pneumatic test * (Extended Pneumatic may incur fee)

CAD/FEA simulations*

* Fees apply

Isolation Gaskets / Kits

GPT flange isolation(insulation) products are constructed of premium engineering materials. The isolation products include a wide selection of isolating/sealing gaskets along with a variety of sleeves and washers. For maximum flexibility, components may be ordered separately or as part of complete flange isolation kits (FIK).

Monolithic Isolation Joints

GPT engineers and manufactures a range of high quality sealing and isolating products used to ensure the safe flow of fluids in transmission, distribution and process piping systems. Flange isolation products include a wide selection of isolation joints and spools that are available in all pipe sizes, types, pressure ratings, and materials.

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