Introducing the EVOLUTION® Isolation Gasket.

The future of flange isolation.

Conditions are changing.  As we drill deeper and utilize enhanced recovery methods such as thermal and CO2 injection, we are exposing the products in our pipelines to greater concentrations of harsh chemicals, higher temperatures and higher pressures.  In addition, it is estimated that 40% of the world’s remaining gas reserves are sour, and CO2 and/or H2S content within these wells averages 10% or more.  Maintaining pipeline integrity and keeping emissions in check has never been more important.  Yet, traditional pipeline materials, including gaskets and seals, are not always up to the challenge.  That is why we are proud to introduce Evolution®, a fully-encapsulated isolation gasket that delivers the impermeable performance needed to prepare any flange for the increasing risks found in today’s oil and gas industry.

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Redefining the isolation gasket.

Under harsh conditions, gaskets made from GRE may lead to chemical attack, blowout, thermal attack, hydrolysis and emissions —all of which can have serious consequences.

EVOLUTION® is different. Its revolutionary materials and construction provides industry-leading resistance to leakage and flange corrosion, as well as unprecedented levels of fire safety.

  • Carrier: Fully encapsulated 316L stainless core
  • Color: Dark Tan
  • Fluid Services: Oil and Gas
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (°F/°C): 500°F/260°C*
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: (minus): -238°F/-150°C
  • Maximum Pressure Class: ANSI 2,500#/API 5,000
  • All component materials are rated for -238F or lower
  • *Inert media exposure testing down to -277F
  • *Assembly functional testing down to -50C

*With mica sleeves and mica washers.

GPT Evolution Product Diagram

Innovative. Revolutionary. EVOLUTION®.

316L Stainless Steel Core
  • Only three millimeters (1/8 inch) thick
  • Thinner profile helps make installation easier and more accurate
Proprietary Coating
  • Eliminates GRE from the gasket
  • High dielectric strength - 1400 VPM
  • Eliminates expensive exotic cores due to the fully encapsulated coating
  • Rated to 500°F (260°C)*

*With mica sleeves and mica washers.

Inconel 718 C-Ring
  • Fire safe - provides the added security of knowing that the gasket has passed the API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test in multiple sizes/classes
  • High pressure - highest pressure rating of any isolating gasket
  • Resistant to typical oil and gas chemicals and steam, in particular H2S, CO, & CO2
  • Impermeable seal and encapsulated carrier eliminates the need to replace gaskets following hydro-testing
  • Sealing is as low as an average of 3ppm methane in an industry standard Fugitive Emission Test
  • The handle found on EVOLUTION® allows each gasket to be holiday tested during manufacturing to insure strong isolation performance in the field
  • Helps ensure accurate alignment during installation and easy removal
  • Provides traceability and identification for the product

Coating Scratch Test

Evolution Test Results img 1400 +
Passes before losing isolation
Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
Fusin Test Results img 90
Passes before losing isolation
Xylan Test Results img 2
Passes before losing isolation

Magnification at 400X

TEST METHOD: SH706 Manual Scratch Hardness Tester - ISO 1518-1, tungsten carbide hemispherical stylus, 2000g of weight. Product is scratched until isolation is lost.