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PDF File: Case Study: Flare Gas Recovery Unit - EVOLUTION®

On a Flare Gas Recovery Unit, there are Carbon Steel flanges being bolted to A2205 Duplex Stainless-Steel flanges on the flare gas piping. As a result of the dissimilar metal, galvanic corrosion will occur unless a flange isolation kit is used. Due to the nature of the flare gas line, it is difficult to predict exactly what will be going through the line, as it can be a combination of any vapor within the refinery. This makes chemical compatibility a challenge, as this can be harsh chemicals such as H2S, N2, Benzene, or any type of hydrocarbon vapor. In addition, due to these vapors being flammable, and where they are located within the Flare Gas Recovery Unit, a fire safe gasket is required. The gasket required needs to isolate, be chemically compatible with any type of vapor in the refinery and be fire safe.