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GPT is the world’s leading manufacturer of flange isolation sealing kits, monolithic isolation joints and pipe penetration seals for pipeline applications. We strive for continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers.

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Free Webinar: An Innovative Solution to Traditional Plastic Isolation Gaskets
01 Apr 2020

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FREE WEBINAR: An Innovative Solution to Traditional Plastic Isolation Gaskets
14 Apr 2020

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GPT sealing and isolation systems provide exceptional safety, performance and reliability in a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects.

Our industry-focused technical experts understand the challenges of the oil and gas industry and work with our customers to identify durable, high-performance pipeline solutions — from concept to completion.

GPT water, waste water, and desalination solutions provide uncompromising safety and performance, resisting challenging and aggressive materials while enabling companies and governments to meet strict regulations and standards.