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The GPT line of pipeline penetration sleeves is designed and manufactured for long life spans and dependability.

ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints are specially engineered to eliminate dangerous leaks and corrosion, and permanently seal pipe connections.

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Tim Hurley, Senior Product Manager at GPT Industries runs you through the correct process to install a Flange Isolation Kit.

The creation of the VCFS was driven by the demands of our customers who needed to safely electrically isolate their flanges.

Tim Hurley of GPT provides a brief review of previous isolation products and techniques, and discusses the latest advancements in corrosion protection.

Tim Hurley, one of the industry’s leading experts, examines previous concerns about monolithic isolation joints and demonstrates how GPT has made strides to eliminate these dangers. 

GPT’s Tim Hurley discusses the many options and techniques available to reduce corrosion and improve safety within a pipeline. 

This product demonstration video details the use of a Link-Seal® Cell-Cast® assembly to create an even, sealable opening for pipeline system installations.

The GPT Riser-Wrap® manhole encapsulation system is a two-layer product designed to protect manhole assemblies against corrosion.

The VCS family is designed to withstand the Very Critical Service environments found in oil and gas, chemical and energy applications – providing uncompromising performance and safety.

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The GPT Ranger II® casing spacer is a non-metallic pipeline support product designed to ease carrier pipe insertion, reduce inventory costs, and make installation faster and safer.

The GPT LineBacker® gasket is considered to be one of best methods for ensuring zero environmental leakage for almost any type of fluid.

When you use Link-Seal in combination with Century-Line sleeves or Cell-Cast disks, you're guaranteed a perfect match for sealing pipe penetrations when pouring walls, floors or ceilings.

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Link-Seal® is a flexible belt of interconnected rubber links used to seal the void area in between pipes and wall openings.

EVOLUTION© provides the highest pressure rating of any isolating gasket available. Unlike GRE gaskets, which are prone to delamination, EVOLUTION has no laminations and as a result can better withstand high-pressure environments.