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ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints Production Expanded

GPT Industries is proud to announce our expanded capabilities in the production of ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints (MIJs) due to the recent extension of our Houston, TX manufacturing facility. Our monolithic isolation joints are factory assembled, weld-in-place solutions that replace traditional bolted flange assemblies. They are ideal for buried oil and gas pipelines to eliminate bolts, sleeves, and washers, which are the major source of isolation failures in most isolation assemblies (in cathodically protected pipeline systems). These joints can also eliminate potential leaks from improper field assembly of traditional flanges. Each ElectroStop® is individually weld-inspected, and hydrostatically tested under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. And for demanding oil and gas transmission pipeline applications (up to NPS 48), GPT now offers ElectroStop® isolation joints up to 48” ANSI 900#. An easily installed, reliable alternative to flanged pipeline connections, ElectroStop® monolithic isolation joints are proudly manufactured in the USA, and comply with the domestic requirements of the 2017 Presidential Memorandum ‘Construction of American Pipelines.'

Customers Welcome!

GPT would like to invite our customers to tour our renovated Houston facility! Our expanded production area and the new, high-tech equipment it features will significantly increase GPT's capacity, efficiency and production capabilities to supply our customers with a full range of isolation joints for the Oil & Gas markets. Walk through the production process with our team and learn more about ElectroStop® and other GPT products manufactured and assembled in the USA.

John Stephenson, Jr. Product Manager

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