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Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA, explains the differences between a standard gasket and an isolation kit, and the importance of properly installing them.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of isolation kits, GPT’s engineers have seen a significant number of isolation kit failures. The engineering team performs forensic analyses on the kits to determine the root cause (or causes) of failure and document the information. An overwhelming number of failures occur due to improper installation.

No one can argue that pipelines have changed tremendously in the last 75 years.  Pipeline metallurgy has become stronger and less prone to corrosion.  New exotic metallurgies have been introduced to further resist the chemicals that are now often found in oil and gas streams (sour gas, chlorides and steam).  Pressures and temperatures have increased and emission reduction requirements have become a way of life for most companies.  Meanwhile, the operation of a fire safe pipeline has also become a higher priority.

Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA, explains how fiberglass reinforced epoxy products can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion in flanged piping systems.

Have you ever installed an isolating kit in a pipeline, successfully tested for electrical isolation, but later failed isolation following a hydrotest? .... Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA, explains the importance of the type and configuration of isolation gaskets for use in hydrotesting.

With America’s pipelines aging and the ever increasing demands posed by harsher service conditions, the importance of integrity management and in particular corrosion prevention have never been more important and real. In this paper we explore how advancements in corrosion control methods and materials are going a long way to extending the life of pipeline infrastructure.

..“If a system is only as strong as its weakest link, don’t let gaskets be that weak link! “..

GPT is assisting in the fight against pipe and flange corrosion to enhance safety.

In this technical write up, my goal is to give the reader a better understanding of why torque is very important to ensure that our isolation gaskets perform as intended. Torque is the action of applying a force in order to turn a body. In the case of bolted joints, torque is most commonly referred to the amount of force being applied to the assembly’s nuts in order to achieve a target compressive force, in our case, on a gasket. One may ask “how does a twisting force translate into a compressive force”? Let’s break it down.

A standard in gasket design for GPT is to match the gasket inside diameter to the pipe bore that the gasket is being put into. This is the appropriate sizing for most of GPT’s gaskets, and this article will dive into how the precise gasket inside diameter is found, along with why this is standard for GPT to do.

You can now download GPT's highly acclaimed paper “New Design/Material Solution for Isolating Pipelines with Chemical and Permeation Issues”. The paper was presented at NACE CORROSION 2018, in Phoenix and authored by Nick Bander, Engineering Manager & Tim Hurley, Senior Product Manager.

Here is an abstract of the a paper:-

The selection and installation of isolation kits has seemed pretty simple throughout the years. Simply select a gasket that stated it was an “isolating gasket” and pair it with isolating sleeves and washers. Then, install the gasket as any normal gasket would be installed. This practice however, has led to countless isolation and leakage failures. But what lead to these failures?

This paper will dramatically simplify the selection process for isolation gaskets/kits and will also provide a better integrity program for installation and testing of isolation kits.

GPT has long experienced issues with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) based gaskets used in steam applications. The term, “steam,” used in the context of this article, is intended to be broad and can mean any variation where sub or superheated water is present as either the partial or main component makeup of the service media. While GPT does not recommend GRE based gaskets for steam applications of any variety, these style gaskets sometimes find their way into a service where steam is present.

What is Pipeline Isolation? In this white paper, we go back to basics and discuss the fundamentals of pipeline isolation.