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Casing End Seals

GPT casing end seals are a safe, clean and cost-effective solution for eliminating foreign material from entering the opening between the carrier and the casing. Pipeline casing end seals are suitable for new installations or retrofitting, and are easily and quickly installed by being pulled over or wrapped around the outer edge of the casing and carrier pipe. Secured by stainless steel straps and clamps, GPT end seals are highly resistant to aging and have excellent mechanical strength.

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Model C Endseal

Custom sized carrier/casing diameter combinations for new installations

Model W Endseal

Custom sized carrier/casing diameter combinations for new and existing installations

Model S End Seal

Molded flexible end seals for nominal steel & IPS pipe

Field cut end seals for multiple pipe diameters

End Seals developed for applications specified as fire prone areas such as tank farms or pipes passing through firewalls