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How To Install Flange Isolation Kits Correctly

The right way to install and test flange isolation kits

Tim Hurley, Senior Product Manager at GPT Industries guides you through this video for the correct process to install, and test, a Flange Isolation Kit.

Video index 

Time  Description 
 0:26 Safety Preparation  
1:00 Preparing the flange faces 
1:46 Checking for Gasket size and Torque Table Settings
2:30 Aligning the flanges
3:18 Use Studs , not bolts . stud sizing 
4:00 Installing Bolts with washers - types of washers and proper installation
5:00 Inserting bolts and bolt order 
5:40 Sleeve length , space and alignment 
7:20 Properly inserting and placing the gasket 
8:15 Lubricating the studs - correct lubrication 
9:00 Installing the washers and nuts - correct facing and hand tighten
10:00 prep for tightening and correct order - setting correct torque for each tightening pass .
11:52 Isolation testing using RFIT meter. Ohm meter not recommended.  Proper testing locations an method/  

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Download flange isolation kit installation instructions and torque tables