Keep up-to date with the latest information relating to Project Elevation. Project Elevation is an exciting new project to create a centre of Isolation excellence at our Denver facility. 

Our Project Objective: 

To create a center for Isolation Excellence

10th March 2021

First and foremost we sincerely hope you and your families are all safe and well following the unprecedented weather faced across North America in recent weeks.

We would like to reassure you that despite Houston being one of the harshest hit areas, we are still on track to deliver Project Elevation within the timelines set out previously. While we couldn’t foresee the devastating impact that the great state of Texas has faced, we have made the proper contingency plans to counteract this. We would invite anyone with any further concerns to contact us directly.

Since we announced the launch of Project Elevation we have been overwhelmed with the level of support, patience and the positive response received to this move. For this we are extremely grateful.

Project Elevations objective is to form a Center of Excellence for Isolation. As the project takes shape it has become more apparent how this move will benefit you, our customer. The move has allowed us to remodel and optimise the manufacturing process, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and capability. We expect this to eventually lead to improved quality, more capacity and better lead times. In addition we are investing in new machinery and equipment, allowing for the entire manufacturing process to be done under one roof. We are confident that this increased capability and control will only enhance the MIJ product offering still further.


9th February 2021

MIJ Customer Notification: Quoting & Order Processing

 As part of the Project Elevation project, GPT has the pleasure of announcing an exciting change in the Monolithic Isolation Joint (MIJ) business. We are moving all quote and order responsibilities to the EPC Team that many of you have grown accustomed to working with in the Flange Isolation Kit (FIK) business.
Brandon Griffin will be moving onto the EPC team full time, participating in both MIJ and FIK bids going forward.  In addition, the rest of the EPC Team is undergoing a full training on MIJ bids and will also be assisting with your requests going forward.  With these changes you will see all communication shift over to the GPT Projects email and we will no longer be using the GPTHou email for MIJ communication.
We are very excited about this change.  We plan to adopt many of team’s best practices that have been developed through their work on FIK bids over the last couple of years.  The EPC team’s focus around standardization and experience with global projects has enabled them to create complex bid packages quickly and with a high degree of customer satisfaction.  The team will leverage Brandon’s experience and from there we will be able to see new opportunities to improve our MIJ business and have the right people in place to put them into action.
2021 will be an exciting year for MIJ and the EPC Team transition is a critical part of that vision.
Starting immediately, please route all MIJ related enquiries through the GPT projects inbox,
19th January 2021


GPT is very excited to announce the kickoff of Project Elevation. 


Our Project Objective: 

To create a center for Isolation Excellence

GPT has undertaken a comprehensive effort to become a more customer centric organization through a deeper connection with our channel partners and end users.  As we embark on this journey, we would like to invite you to join us along the way.

The first of many exciting changes is arguably the biggest. GPT plans to relocate the Monolithic Isolation joint (MIJ) production to our Denver facility.  We see this as a critical step as it will allow us to bring all our expertise under one roof.  This is the first step on our long journey to make GPT the center for Isolation Excellence, globally. 

In order to minimize any potential interruptions and to ensure a smooth transition we have put together a dedicated project team.

Existing Open Orders

At this time, we plan to complete all open orders prior to the transport of equipment to Denver.  That means that if you have an existing MIJ order open with GPT your order will not be affected by this move.  We will be providing regular progress reports that include order status updates for those customers with open orders as well as current lead time expectations for new quotes. 

New Orders & Quotes

During the move, we will be required to shut down production of ElectroStop® MIJs for approximately 4-5 weeks as a result of the equipment breakdown, transport and set up. This extended lead time will be reflected in any new quotes and order acknowledgements as an add on to the quoted production lead times we would normally provide. We will provide regular updates to these specific customers as well as providing updates through the blog that will track the progress of our move to Denver. Please note leads times for our ElectroJoint™ product are unaffected.

The full transition of production to our Denver facility will be completed by the end of Quarter 2.

GPT will be providing regular updates on key project milestones and developments throughout the transition.  We have created a dedicated blog on the GPT industries website so you can keep abreast with the latest goings-on. Be on the lookout for posts though our social media channels.

We are so excited to share this journey with you and look forward to the amazing things to come from Project Elevation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why are we relocating Houston facility to Denver?   

The plan is to Create a center for isolation excellence by integrating MIJ and FIK into one location. This will allow us to synergize our knowledge and resources as well as optimize our quality.

What capabilities does Denver provide us with?

GPT Denver has coating knowledge and capabilities currently used for EVOLUTION gaskets and Diamond-Hyde washers​. Denver owns CNC machines previously moved up from Houston plant, which are already programmed to machine MIJ forgings. 

When are we starting production from Denver? 

We are shooting for quarter 2.

Are we adding any new processes in-house? 

Yes, we will add two processes in-house, Coating and Pressure testing. This will allow us to have full control on quality and Improve lead times

What type of coating will we be offering?

Our standard coatings will be SP- 2888 and 3M – 323. However, we can fulfill any other coating requests. 

Is the transition going to affect ElectroJoint?  

 No, the ElectroJoint business should not be affected by the transition.