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Title: Changing Pipeline Conditions: Are GRE Isolation Gaskets Keeping Up?

Duration: 1 hour 


Glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) gaskets have been used to isolate pipelines in a broad range of industries for over 35 years. During that time, the chemical makeup of oil and gas has changed greatly, temperatures of oil and gas pipelines have changed and pressures of oil & Gas pipelines have changed. But, how do these areas affect the typical isolation gasket? In this webinar we explore the changing conditions affecting pipeline isolations. In particular the knock-on affects to pipeline isolation, corrosion migration, Installation practices, gasket permeation and hydotesting process. •Overview of the changing conditions and the affects on pipeline Isolation •Chemical compatibility limitations of GRE Isolation gaskets •The effects of Hydrotesting on GRE Isolation gaskets •Permeation of Isolation gaskets •Effects of thick isolation gaskets on installation

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