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Webinar: Are you playing with Fire?

Join GPT for a unique insight into the effects and potential dangers that corrosion causes in oil & gas pipelines. In this webinar we will focus on fire, its frequency, the resulting effects and the ways to protect your assets and personnel from this potentially catastrophic occurrence. 

Fire safety for isolation gaskets and kits is an often overlooked and important aspect of the Oil and Gas industry. Pipelines frequently carry hazardous and flammable media such as oil, gasoline, and natural gas. 

In this webinar we will explore; 

- How prevalent are fires in pipelines?

- What are the contributing factors to pipeline fires?

- What part is corrosion playing in pipeline fires? 

- What is meant by Fire-Safe gaskets? And what protection do they provide?

-  A review of real world examples 

- Fire-Safe gasketing design 

- Where should Fire-Safe gaskets be used?

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