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New Webinar Announced

Title: Pipeline Corrosion: Flange Isolation Kits Vs Monolithic Isolation Joints 

Protecting you pipeline from corrosion isn't easy. There are numerous methods and solutions available, and each application has its unique challenges. In this webinar, we intend to navigate you through one such dilemma, Flange Isolation Kits or Monolithic joint?   

Guiding you through the process of the correct solution selection right up through to post installation, using real world examples and insight from the industry experts on Isolation solutions. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

·       Selection Criteria – How do I decide what will work best? 

·       The benefits of using an FIK vs MIJ 

·       Current Trends in Isolation techniques and solutions 

·       Pre and Post installation practises for MIJ and FIK