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Go Big with Ranger II Casing Spacers

GPT now offers a new model of Ranger II casing spacers that can support outside diameters up to 98.43". Made from strong yet flexible UV-resistant polypropylene, Ranger II GKO casing spacers provide a highly versatile, cost-effective means of isolating carrier pipe within casing pipe for a wide variety of applications. These all non-metallic spacers contain no nuts, bolts washers or any other metal parts to corrode or degrade over time, and can even be used to replace existing specified stainless steel casing spacers.

With diameter size ranging from 0.83" to 98.43" and easy assembly with a patented Slide-Lock connecting system, Ranger II casing spacers reduce inventory requirements, are highly resistant to cracking, have high impact strength, excellent compressive strength and a wide temperature range. Short lead times and low shipping cost make the full line of Ranger II casing spacers including the new GKO both safe and economical.

Industry Reference: 
Water, Waste Water, and Desalination