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Webinar: Why Are You Having Isolation Failures?

13 Oct 2020

In this webinar, GPT will take a comprehensive look into some of the factors that impact isolation effectiveness and discuss how these will influence the performance of the flange isolation kit. Some of these factors will include:

• Resistivity of soils and the media/Bridging
• Matching ID
• Types of gaskets and materials
• General Installation Practices
• Construction/fabrication work such as supports, bypasses, conduit for SCADA systems
• Bolt lubricant
• Sleeve lengths
• How isolation is tested?
• Weld slag that is formed by using spiral wounds in hydrotesting

Examples of each of these factors will also be highlighted, to show what it looks like to have these lead to failures.

Lastly, GPT will discuss solutions that can be put in place to help mitigate these factors, so that you have a flange isolation kit that performs as intended every time!

Our presenters:

Ian Kinnear – Applications Engineer with Garlock Pipeline Technologies. Has been with GPT as an application engineer for 3 years, which was his first role out of University. Holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado. NACE member and Cathodic Protection Tester (CP1). Also holds certificated for BOSIET with CA-EBS and Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness.

United States
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Construction and Infrastructure
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)
Oil and Gas
Water, Waste Water, and Desalination