Extra Grip Infiltration Sealing Tape

Boa-Tape™ is a pressure sensitive taping system designed to seal joints against ground water infiltration, encapsulate manholes or vaults and protect pipelines. The 50 mil. elasticomeric mastic in combination with 15 mils. of a woven polypropylene makes this tape extra-extra sticky.


High Bonding Force

  • Accommodates ground movement.
  • Seals against ground water infiltration.

High Impact and Penetration Resistance

  • Toughness to resist soil stress.


  • Provides corrosion protection.
  • Extends structure life.

No Special Tools Required for Installation

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • No torch required to adhere tape


  • Manhole encapsulation/sealing
  • Pipelines
  • Repair and rehabilitation
  • Step-down joints
  • Square/Rectangular vaults
  • Septic tanks/vaults
  • Corrosion protection

Boa-Tape™ has also been successful in applications to fix cracked couplings, reinforce push-on joints, and short-term repair gravity flow lines; and can be usedto augment Riser-Wrap® for manhole riser sealing and encapsulation.


Installation is quick and simple:

  1. Clean all exterior surfaces of the manhole with a brush or broom to remove any loose cement, dust, or small rock particles.
  2. Remove 8in (20cm) of release backing and position exposed tape surface on cleaned seam area. Expose 8in (20cm) of tape at a time by pulling release backing away from mastic as tape is wrapped around the entire circumference of the manhole, vault, or pipe.
  3. Carefully cut the Boa-Tape™ when applying over cast iron manhole gussets. Gently mold the tape aroudn gussets with a roller or gloved hand.



Specification ASTM Test Test Results
Softening Point ASTM E-28 240°F (160°F)
Dielectric Strength ASTM D-1000 350 volts/mil.
Specification ASTM Test Test Results
Tensile Strength ASTM D-1000 75lbs./inch width
Elongation ASTM D-1000 40%
Puncture Resistance ASTM E 164 200lbs.
Water Absorption ASTM D-570 0.05%
Penetration Resistance ASTM G-9 Pass
Fungal Resistance ASTM G-21 Growth-None
Pressure ASTM C877-08 13psig (30ft. water head)
Roll Width Roll Length
4in (10cm) 150ft. (45m)
6in (15cm) 150ft. (45m)
12in (30cm) 150ft. (45m)