Casing Spacers / Isolators

From Casing Spacers/Isolators for critical energy industry applications to  casing spacers designed especially for water and sewer cased pipelines, GPT provides quality Casing Spacers/Isolators with exceptional performance and reliability. GPT delivers a safe, clean and cost- effective solution for water, sewer and energy pipelines.

End Seals

GPT casing end seals constitute a safe, clean and cost- effective solution for new installation or retrofitting.

Model C Model FW Model S Model W Type DU Type HA Type KG Type KO Type KT/Model R Type STM

Casing Spacers Metallic

GPT Metallic Casing Spacers/Isolators Designed Especially for Water and Sewer Cased Pipelines.

Coated Casing Spacers Multiple Casing Spacers-Custom Stainless Steel Casing Spacers

Casing Spacers Non-Metallic

GPT provides a selection of non-metallic casing spacers with qualities of positive insulation, high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and withstand extreme temperatures.

Model HT Casing Spacers/Isolators Model PE Casing Spacers Ranger II® Casing Spacers

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